Danisco introduces new Yo-Mix yoghurt culture

Danisco has developed a new type of yoghurt culture, called Yo-Mix, which produces only a mild acidification during storage.

The acidification of yoghurt during storage can result in different sensory profiles at the beginning and end of the yoghurt’s shelf life. According to Danisco, this is a major problem with yoghurt producers across the world, particularly in Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and South America where cold storage and cold chains are less controlled and very often broken.

Danisco’s Yo-Mix yogurt cultures produce yogurt with low post-acidification in different processing and storage conditions.

“Yo-Mix can now produce yogurt with a very pleasing flavour, a high level of viscosity and short texture, with limited post acidification under a wide range of temperature conditions, which has definitely contributed to its customer success since launch,” said Sonia Huppert, Yo-Mix Global Business Director.

The Yo-Mix culture, developed last year for Chinese yoghurt producers, has since expanded to various markets across the world.

“The plans for expansion into different countries are progressing very well and we are very pleased with this brilliant example of sharing knowledge between regions, demonstrating Danisco is leveraging its truly global presence as an ingredient solutions provider,” Huppert said.

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