Danisco provides sustainable food production advice in virtual trade show

Posted by  Rita Mu

Danish food ingredients company, Danisco, will showcase opportunities for food manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint at the Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing virtual trade show on 18 March.

According to Danisco, a trustworthy sustainable product claim is becoming a strong competitive parameter for the food industry as more consumers become environmentally conscious about their purchases.

Danisco, which has been recognised as a world sustainability leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last nine consecutive years, currently offers 70 climate-friendly solutions to help manufacturers promote sustainability in their production. This includes the use of life cycle assessments (LCA).

“We use life cycle assessments as a tool to document the improvements our ingredients provide, for example in terms of reduced CO2 emissions,” said Dr Mikkel Thrane, a LCA expert at Danisco.

“We are also conducting LCA studies of our ingredients to evaluate their environmental impact from ‘farm to fork’.”

Coordinator of Danisco’s sustainable food applications project, Ian Fairs, said the company was also looking for a way to quantify carbon savings for its customers.

“Where we say we reduce or minimise environmental impact, we now want to be able to quantify the reductions in footprint our customers can obtain when they use our ingredients,” he said.

Ian Fairs and Mikkel Thrane will host the webinar, Catalysing sustainability through food ingredients, on 18 March at 1.30pm GMT (12:30am EST).

To sign up for the free trade show and accompanying webinars, see here.

Image: ingredientsnetwork.com

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