Danisco rosemary food preservative approved by EU

Danish food ingredients manufacturer, Danisco, is anticipating a growth in sales for its Guardian rosemary extract, which was recently approved in the European Union as a food preservative.

According to Danisco, the active components in the Guardian extract are phenolic diterpenes, a natural source of antioxidants.

Global Business Director for Danisco’s natural extracts, Jørgen Sørensen, said the development was a significant step forward in meeting the growing consumer demand for more natural products.

“Rosemary is a popular herb with a highly positive image among consumers,” he said. “This is a major competitive advantage for food manufacturers who choose to use rosemary extract to preserve their products’ high quality.”

Danisco’s Guardian extract has been approved for use in fats and oils, bakery products, meats, dehydrated soups, potatoes, and nutritional supplements such as fish oils.

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