De Bortoli Rosé Rosé puts Australian Rosé on the World Map

De Bortoli Wines’ 2022 Rosé Rosé was named the only Rosé from Australia to earn a spot in the competition's top 10 Rosé for 2023 globally.

Each year, wines ranging from the palest pinks to the brightest ruby reds compete in the prestigious Global Rosé Masters competition hosted by The Drinks Business.

The Global Rosé Masters is the UK’s biggest annual Rosé only blind tasting competition.

This year, De Bortoli Wines’ 2022 Rosé Rosé took centre stage and was named the only Rosé from Australia to earn a spot in the competition’s top 10 Rosé for 2023 globally.

Since its inception in 2018, the De Bortoli Rosé Rosé, with its intense aromas of peach and pomegranate and a textural savoury dry finish, has continued to spearhead Australia’s pale dry Rosé movement.

In a category overwhelmingly beset with wines from all over Europe, the De Bortoli Rosé Rosé was the only Australian Rosé to receive the ultimate accolade – the title of Rosé Master for its outstanding expression.

“We are thrilled with this outstanding win for Rosé Rose, which acknowledges the pioneering of the Rosé Revolution in Australia and sharing our version of a pale, dry rosé with the world,” said Leanne De Bortoli, who manages the family’s Yarra Valley Estate in Victoria with winemaker husband Steve Webber.

The results from this year’s Global Rosé Masters only adds to the brand’s steadily growing repertoire of achievements, having already won 4 trophies, 8 Gold and 6 Silver medals previously.

Not only this, but within a year of its debut, De Bortoli Wines was also awarded the Winery Innovator of the Year trophy for the unique packaging on their Rosé Rosé.

Several of De Bortoli’s ‘pink’ wines also won a host of medals at the global competition, riding the wave of international success.

Gold: La Boheme Dry Rosé: Oaked Dry Rosé category The De Bortoli Petit Moscato: Sweet Sparkling Rosé category

Bronze: DB Family Selection Rosé: Unoaked Medium Dry category These accolades have not only helped further cement De Bortoli Wines international notability but they’re also helping to put a pin on the world map for Rosé produced in Australia.

They are a wonderful acknowledgement for De Bortoli’s vision of driving Australia’s pale dry Rosé Revolution

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