Death of the dinner party, rise of the “Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour”

A new home cocktail party trend is sweeping the nation, as Aussies express increasing concerns about the cost of living and look for more affordable ways to socialise.

The new national survey from luxury bourbon brand, Woodford Reserve, reveals that 77 per cent of the population are no longer tied to a night out to get together with friends, with 59 per cent believing that they are expensive and 41 per cent admitting they spend over $150 each time they do.

Enter the era of the Home Fashioned Cocktail Hour’, with 49 per cent of Australians now choosing a cocktail night with nibbles as the preferred way to host, over a traditional dinner party.

In response to the growing demand, Woodford Reserve has partnered with award-winning bar, Maybe Sammy, and expert stylist Briellyn Turton, to create the most affordable luxurious cocktail party guide so Aussies can transform their homes into the hottest bar in town.

Bar Manager at Maybe Sammy, Paolo Maffietti, said, “If there is something we know, it’s how much Aussies love a cocktail.”

“We want to help them get comfortable with their at-home mixology skills, so they can relax and enjoy hosting their friends.”

“As we see this rise of the cocktail hour sweep the nation, it’s really exciting to be able to help bring this to Aussies homes,” Maffietti continued.

The survey revealed that 48 per cent of the population think a cocktail is a great way to treat themselves, and 42 per cent want to make cocktails more often than they do now.

The survey also revealed that more Australians are opting for cocktail nights at home as they can play their own music, save money, and curate a personalised experience.

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