Delivering innovative cleaning technology to help improve workplace hygiene efficiency

Delivering innovative cleaning technology to help improve workplace hygiene efficiency

While there are many cleaning challenges unique to every business, including cleaning during operating hours, managing a workforce, cleaning requirements for different spaces, budget constraints, and upholding health and safety standards, when working with food, cleanliness and food safety has never been so vital.

Several solutions can help to overcome these challenges and utilising scrubber floor cleaning technology can be an effective tool.

Best cleaning technology

When it comes to the safety of food and beverage products, having effective, innovative cleaning technology aids in preventing foodborne illnesses, cross-contamination, and chemical hazards.

Scrubbing machines are an essential part of maintaining clean and safe areas in food and beverage manufacturing and processing. They can effectively remove soils, debris, and food particles from a range of floor surfaces with touch-dry results.

In retail back-of-house applications using a walk-behind compact scrubber such as Tennant’s CS16 instead of a mop and buckets is one way to boost efficiency and effectiveness and get a better clean done in the same amount of time (or less).

Health safety

Tennant’s scrubber-dryers use minimal water and come with built-in drying technology, aiding surfaces to dry more efficiently after use preventing the likes of bacteria growth and potential workplace slip and fall hazards.

Furthermore, Tennant’s detergent free ec-H20 NanoClean technology electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans efficiently, reduces chemical use, and minimizes environmental impacts compared to traditional floor cleaners.

Good operational process

From your local café to the production of your favourite beverage, helping maintain a clean and safe environment for the food and beverage industry is where Tennant excels. Some of Australia’s largest food and beverage names employ Tennant’s high-performing total floor care solutions and innovative technology.

Tennant’s dedication to a ‘Cleaner, safer and healthier world’ is evident in hospitality and food manufacturing environments, where food or beverages are prepared, processed, packaged, bottled, stored, and transported.

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