Demand for Australian food exports prevails

Whether it’s a melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella for pizza night or a tangy parmesan to top off your favourite pasta, Dairy Free Downunder is bringing you all of your favourite cheese products, minus the dairy.

One of Australia’s only large-scale vegan cheese manufacturers, Dairy Free Downunder is  becoming a global player in the market for plant-based foods.

Due to attending Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL)’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events, Dairy Free Downunder has now started exporting to new customers in both Indonesia and Vietnam.

This development will see the family-owned business expand its global presence beyond its current customers in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore.

“FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer has seen us continue to connect with new customers, despite travel restrictions,” said Dairy Free Down Under co-founder, Kevin Flanagan.

As the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, FIAL quickly pivoted when travel restrictions and international tradeshow cancellations came into play, launching its Virtual Meet the Buyer initiative.

FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer provides export-ready Australian food and agribusinesses the opportunity to secure a one-to-one meeting with buyers from all around the globe. From China’s Shandong and Jiangsu Provinces, through to Thailand and Singapore.

“Australian products are still very much in demand. Our Virtual Meet the Buyer event enables Australian businesses to overcome the hurdle of travel restrictions, maintaining and even increasing their connectivity to international markets. This will be key to sector recovery and growth,” said FIAL General Manager of Markets, Rod Arenas.

Commencing today, the fourth Virtual Meet the Buyer will see 142 one-to-one meetings between 48 Australian export-ready suppliers and 45 of Jiangsu Province’s key buyers. Participating buyers include Alibaba’s Hema supermarket and leading e-commerce retailer, Sunning. In-demand products range from superfood smoothies and functional coconut waters, to sparkling waters and premium cheeses. It was delivered in collaboration with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Austrade Shanghai, the Jiangsu State Government, and Global Victoria China

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