Award-winning design engineer joins automated packaging company HMPS

Henry Atkins, has joined the HMPS team in Adelaide as a design and sales engineer.

Shaun Westcott, CEO at HMPS, said Atkins is a great addition to the team in terms of both knowledge and accolades.

HMPS provides automated packaging solutions. The company aims to meet both performance and delivery expectations of its customers.

Atkins joins the team after graduating from the University of Adelaide in 2016 with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and working in automotive manufacturing.

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Atkins has been involved in the fields of aerodynamic engineering and research, agricultural science, and manufacturing engineering.

The research and development of cycling helmets for Scott Sports, undertaken by Atkins and the team, produced helmets that were used by Michelton-Scott (then Orica-Scott), an Australian professional road race cycling team, in addition to professional cyclists worldwide.

The development team, of which Atkins is a part of, were awarded the Malcom Kinnaird Engineering Excellence Award 2018 and have been selected as finalists for the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.

The awards recognise and promote new, innovative, and life changing ideas that bring fundamental change to society.

The Australian Engineering Excellence Award ceremony takes place in late-September at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Atkins said he joined HMPS because of its drive to develop unique and innovative solutions to packaging machinery design.

“I aim to apply my knowledge and skills within the company and look forward to contributing to ongoing innovation at HMPS in order to support the company in its quest for growth in both its national and international markets,” he said.

HMPS recently won the Innovative Technology of the Year awards at the Food and Beverage Industry awards for its work on the HMPS8000 robotic flat bread packer.


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