Diageo rolls out new alcohol labelling

Global alcohol producer Diageo has begun rolling out new labelling intended to make it clear how much alcohol consumers are having in each drink.

The labelling introduces clearer ‘icon-led’ on-pack information panels including alcohol content and nutritional information per typical serve.

According to research released by the company, consumers want more information about what’s in their drink and want it presented in a clearer way.

The study found that, of over 1,000 Australians aged 18 and over, nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of consumers believe that it is important to have clear information about the number of standard drinks, calorie content and alcohol strength of their beverages.

Research insights also show that women (52 per cent) are significantly more likely to rate clearer labelling very important, than men (38 per cent).

“As part of our commitment to responsible drinking, we’re always looking for ways to help consumers make the most informed decisions around drinking, or choosing not to drink. This initiative helps consumers have clearer information about what’s in their glass, and in a way that they can easily understand it at a glance,” said Diageo spokesperson Kylie McPherson.

Updated labelling - Bundaberg Rum

Research insights also highlight information gaps in existing alcohol labelling – given calories aren’t currently detailed on most labels. Over half (57 per cent) of Australians find it difficult to work out the calorie content within a serve of alcohol, and 87 per cent of people have no understanding of the calorie content in their favourite drink.

Additionally, only one in five (18 per cent) consumers claimed they found it very easy to know how many standard drinks there are per serve of alcohol.

Bundaberg Rum Original is the first brand to receive the updated information panels and will be followed by a roll out across the wider Diageo portfolio.

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