Dick Smith’s Oz Day ad ‘banned’ from prime-time [video]

Controversial businessman and entrepreneur, Dick Smith, has released a video encouraging Australians to buy locally this Australia Day, but you won't be seeing it on prime-time.

The satirical video touches on hot issues including Australia's immigration issues and is very tongue-in-cheek, with an Aussie farmer and factory worker exclaiming "they love Dick."

Dick Smith also makes mention of Sam Kekovich's partnership with Meat & Livestock Australia, who together release an annual ad campaign encouraging Australians to eat lamb in the build up to (and on) Australia Day.

"On Australia Day some people use jingoistic patriotism to flog their products. Struth, I never do that," Dick says before he tosses away a picture of Kekovich.

Smith, founder of Dick Smith Foods and a long term advocate for supporting local industries, also encourages Australians to "Chow down on my Aussie nuts, shake my Aussie sauce, spread my Ozemite."

It continues, "When you buy any Dick Smith food product you support Aussie farmers on the land and keep Aussie workers in jobs.

"So don't be a drongo, a yobo or a dero. Be partiotic and buy Dick Smith foods this Australia Day, and everyday to give our kids a future."

According to Mumbrella, Dick Smith has claimed the ad's been banned from prime-time by the TV networks, however, this could be yet another clever marketing ploy by Smith and his team.

Mumbrella reads, "The claim that Smith planned to air the ad in prime-time does conflict somewhat with the fact that a minute long ad would be an unusually inefficient and expensive media spend for a comparatively small brand.

"A tactic adopted in the US is to create a controversial ad ahead of a big TV event, but to have it banned – which generates free media coverage without having to pay to air it."



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