Diet Coke’s new campaign focused on one moment, one calorie at a time

Regular Coke cans and bottles are already suggesting mates you should share your beverage with, and the lower calorie version of the drink is now singing its lifestyle benefits from the rooftops too.

The Share a Coke campaign, where the company is printing people’s first names on bottles and cans, aims to connect with consumers by jumping on board with the social networking phenomenons and increased demand for personalised products and services.

Due to the success of the camaign, Coca-Cola is extending it through Christmas and into 2012.

The Diet Coke campaign released by Coca-Cola South Pacific today aims to have a similar impact on its target market: young women.

The “One Calorie Burnt in a Moment” campaign unveils some cheeky ways to burn the one calorie consumed in every 200mL of diet Coke, including “wriggling your way into new jeans” or “running to the loo…in heels,” and "one moment of passion."

“The campaign is designed to remind women of the diet Coke low-calorie benefits, communicating its relevance in a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle for all young women,” Pamela Wyatt, Marketing Manager for diet Coke said.

Advertisements for the campaign will be strategically placed for the greatest exposure to young women, including in magazines, online, outdoors and other tactical areas.

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