Digital analysis platform helps manufacturers solve problems in real time

The ability to identify and remedy incidents across various manufacturing touch points is being made easier through Sealed Air’s digital analysis platform CogniPro Link.

Food & Beverage Industry News caught up with Sealed Air’s Joe Fiondella, Executive Director Systems & Integration, EMEA, during FoodPro 2017 to find out some of the benefits of CogniPro Link.

“Cognipro link allows multiple users the ability to monitor key performance indicators on lines, within packaging rooms, within packaging plants and the ability to compare packaging plants with each other to provide best in class, bench mark solutions,” he said.

The platform displays key performance indicators on a customisable dashboard, this including machine efficiency, vacuum chamber pressure, machine state and capacity potential.

Cognipro Link also provides actionable solutions in real time via the means of alerts to quickly solve any problems that may occur.

“These alerts can improve efficiency on reducing down time,” added Fiondella. “For example we have the ability to provide information and insight in to the alert for quick remedy of solutions hence lowering costs and improving uptime.”

To find out more, watch the video below.

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