Dilmah Teacap

Product name: Dilmah Teacap

Product manufacturer: Dilmah

Ingredients: 100% Pure Black Ceylon Tea

Shelf life: n/a

Packaging: Casa del Caffe Vergnano

Product manager: Dilmah

Brand website: https://onlineshop.dilmah.com.au

What the company says
Dilmah's Teacaps are similar to coffee capsules and are compatible with all coffee machines by Nespresso.

Each capsule is filled with the finest hand-picked and artisanally made tea. They come in two of the Single Region Selection varieties; English Breakfast and Earl Grey.

They produce consistently high quality cups of tea with no waste, no mess and in no time. Just like the coffee pod it’s as simple as inserting the capsule and pulling the lever down.


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