Does it comply? Why independent product testing matters

To give the construction industry total confidence in our product performance, Fosroc ANZ has embarked on a major program of independent testing.

To give the construction industry total confidence in product performance, Fosroc ANZ has embarked on a major program of independent testing.

“As part of DuluxGroup, Fosroc ANZ will not state that our products comply with a particular standard unless we have independent testing,” explains Colin Picton, Fosroc ANZ specification manager for waterproofing and sealants.

Picton encourages product specifiers and buyers to look closely at technical data sheets (TDS), and question where the test data has come from.

“It might say the material complies with a certain standard. But is the manufacturer relying on its own internal data? We believe the market can have more confidence in external independent testing.”

Quality assurance

Fosroc ANZ commissions testing from reputable third parties, including the Australian Water Quality Centre (AWQC), AWTA, Boral, Safe Environments, Cetec, Geotherm Australasia, CSIRO, HACCP and BRANZ.

“The emphasis on quality is increasing across the construction industry,” Picton says.  “Fosroc ANZ is being proactive and doing the due diligence. We won’t claim a product complies with a standard just because we believe it complies. We prove compliance with an independent testing certificate.”

Key products tested to industry standards

Independent testing is complete for more than 50 Fosroc ANZ products and systems, with more testing underway to additional standards. All test certificates can be downloaded for free from the Fosroc website, here are some products that will be of particular interest.

  • Concrete repairs and potable water: Some of its most popular concrete repair products have been tested and certified to AS/NZS 4020 for potable water applications, including Renderoc HB40, HB70 and LA55.
  • Industrial flooring: Its Nitoflor range is the ideal choice to achieve AS 4586 Slip Resistance and AS 9239.1 Critical Radiant Flux.
  • Food-safe flooring: Many products in its Nitoflor range have HACCP Certification.
  • Fire rated sealants: Fosroc’s Flamex sealants tested to AS 1530.4 Fire Resistance.
  • Waterproofing: Its Nitoproof liquid waterproofing membranes meet internal and external waterproofing standards, AS/NZS 4858 Wet Area Membranes and AS 4654.1 External Above-ground Membranes. The membranes can also be combined with Nitoproof Top Coat UV and Nitoproof Top Coat EW to achieve AS 4586 Slip Resistance.  For potable water applications, Polyurea WPE110, Nitoseal PU400, Nitoseal SC600 and Nitocote EP 405 are all certified to meet AS/NZS 4020.

For more information and to download test certificates, visit fosroc.com.au.

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