Domino Ax-Series: Rewriting the Rules of Inkjet

The Ax-Series sets new benchmarks for consistent high quality printing, productivity and cost of ownership, making Continuous Inkjet a future-proof investment.

Introducing the Ax-Series, a new generation of CIJ technology introduced by Domino printing. Domino are the undisputed leaders in Continuous Inkjet coding and printing setting industry standards for quality, reliability and versatility for over 30 years. Continuous Inkjet is a popular coding application for many due to is a fast durable, easy to operate technology and best of all; it is extremely versatile printing on any surface.

The Ax-Series sets a global benchmark for consistent high quality printing, productivity and cost of ownership, and introduces innovation in three key area: Print Quality, Performance and Value.

Rewriting Print Quality

Domino’s industry leading i-Pulse print head provides optimized print quality and readability from the 1st drop to the 1000th drop. This industry leading system delivers higher resolution text and 2D codes than previous CIJ models and advanced droplet accuracy, allowing rapid high-contrast multiple line messages to be produced at the fastest possible speeds. With the i-Pulse print head 9-drop quality print is achieved at 7-drop speeds.

Quality coding and high productivity is achieved through Domino’s highest ever performance inks, designed to adhere to anything even the toughest post-print process. Domino’s in-house team of chemists have formulated and optimised each ink and tested each printer and ink combination to ensure the highest levels or reliability, dependability and consistency is achieved for your needs. i-Pulse inks are ideal for challenging applications including retort (sterilisation) processes, frozen food application and returnable glass bottle processes. In addition, new fast-drying ketone-free inks for flexible food packaging applications also form part of the extensive range.

Rewriting Performance

The i-Techx software inbuilt into the Ax-Series rewrites performance and takes usability to a new level. Designed from the ground up to be Industry 4.0 ready the Ax-Series is designed for the factory of the future. High-speed electronics enables serialisation and other unique item coding applications on the fastest production lines and improves coding speed by 29% compared to previous CIJ models. Coding errors are eliminated with the i-Tech range as the software provides flexible configuration and easy integration into existing systems.

Rewriting Value

Focusing on the user-experience Domino adopted a holistic design approach, which delivers a step change on the current generation of CIJ. Domino’s vision for the Ax-Series was to create robust and reliable system that minimises operator invention and encourages tool-free operator maintenance, measurably reducing cost of ownership.

The Ax-Series rewrites the rules of marking and coding by improving speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments, giving this revolutionary range the leading edge.

To find out more about the Domino AX series, click here.

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