Domino launches the F720i Fibre Laser for beverage canning sector

Domino Printing Science has once again set new industry standards in quality and reliability with the release of the F720i fibre laser. Designed to meet high-speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector, the revolutionary F720i delivers legible and durable codes on aluminium cans in challenging beverage environments with ease.

“At Domino, we are continually looking to set new industry standards with our laser coding technology, and the introduction of the F720i continues to stretch the boundaries of innovation to deliver even greater operational efficiencies for our customers,” affirms John Hall – Domino Laser Product Marketing Manager.

The F720i rivals its competitors with its IP65-rated robust yet compact design, capable of maintaining continuous output in extremely harsh and humid beverage environments reaching up to 45°C. This environmentally friendly laser provides excellent return on investment due to its low maintenance, sustainable production without fluids or consumables, and unique cooling system for low energy consumption.

At the centre of the F720i’s appeal is the unique 3D power concentration, a focused optical laser beam that is distributed in short intense pulses, delivering unmatched code quality at unrivalled speeds. The 3D power concentration produces incredibly accurate permanently readable codes, without effecting the structural integrity of the can. This ensures end users can easily meet the legislative compliance and long-term traceability standards required in the competitive beverage market.

Developed to maintain superior levels of flexibility and coding quality at unparalleled high speeds, the F720i applies standard codes at a rate of 90,000 cans per hour and has the capability to deliver complex codes and promotional data of over 60 characters at a rate of 42,000 cans per hour.

“The F720i is equipped with features to meet our customers’ current coding demands and future requirements. As Australia’s sole distributor for Domino Printing Science, we are proud to introduce the class leading F720i to the Australian market. Not only will this technology help our customers meet industry compliance standards, but will also ensure they can compete on a global scale,” confirms Jeff Bint – insignia Executive General Manager.

The class leading F720i’s unique design and unrivalled optical laser beam quality drives innovation and increases coding efficiencies. The finest yet robust characters are achieved with greater resistance to vibrations or water condensation, limiting downtime and eliminating waste through production.

If you would like to find out more about the Domino F720i and how it can increase efficiencies and streamline challenging production lines, contact our team on 1300 467 446 or visit https://www.insignia.com.au/domino-f720i.


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