Domino’s removes plastic from supply chain and trials “lineless box”


Domino’s will remove single-use plastic straws and spoons in more than 710 stores nationwide by June 30 and trial a lineless box concept, aiming to remove plastic from its supply chain. 

Estimated to save more than 2 metric tonnes of plastic per year, Domino’s move to biodegradable paper straws and wooden spoons will reduce the circulation of single-use plastic by up to 2.85 million pieces annually.   

Domino’s is proud to help ease plastic pollution across the country, according to Domino’s Australia and New Zealand CEO Nick Knight. 

(In light of) World Environment Day on June 5, it’s a timely reminder about the negative impact single-use plastic has on our environment, in particular our oceans and waterways,” Knight said. 

“As Australia’s largest pizza company, we know we have the responsibility and opportunity to make a significant change and are proud to be taking positive steps forward by reducing plastic consumption and our environmental footprint.  

“By removing single-use plastic straws and cutlery like spoons from Domino’s stores, we will expel more than 2 metric tonnes of plastic from our system,” he said. 

“Recycling is also a great way to help cut down on the increasingly growing landfill problem, which is why we’re proud to use recycled materials in our sundae packaging and our thick shake cups are PET.” 

Committed to continually improving its sustainable practices, Domino’s is also trialling a lineless box concept that aims to remove secondary plastic packaging from its supply chain.    

An Australian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) first, the results of the trial could change the company’s supply chain forever, Domino’s ANZ chief procurement officer Paul Connors said. 

“Innovation is one of our core pillars at Domino’s and we genuinely believe there is a huge opportunity to improve the way we efficiently deliver food and packaging to stores that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable,” Connors said.  

“This trial has been more than 18 months in the making and has involved some of the greatest minds in Australia’s food manufacturers and supply chains coming together to develop an innovative, word-class solution.”  

Domino’s new lineless box removes the need for plastic packaging with an approved food grade lining that seals all folds, removing more than 100 metric tonnes of single-use plastic per year. It is also 100 per cent recyclable and expected to help lower food wastage and improve food preparation times. 

“Domino’s stores participating in the lineless box trial (located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast) received their first delivery in late May,” Connors said.   

“We look forward to reviewing the results of this trial and exploring future sustainable supply chain practices and opportunities within the QSR industry.” 

Domino’s Australia is removing all single-use plastics well ahead of the Australian government’s National Waste Policy Action Plan deadline, which aims to phase out problematic and unnecessary plastics by 2025. 

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