Don’t waste your whey: new processing solution from Arla Foods

Arla Foods Ingredients, a developer and supplier of milk-based ingredients, has launched a new processing solution enabling Greek yoghurt manufacturers to profit from their acid whey waste stream.

The new process is based on the company's Nutrilac protein, allowing companies to use their acid whey to make value-added dairy products such as high protein fermented beverages, whey smoothies and fermented desserts.

With the growing popularity of Greek yoghurt, manufacturers have been increasing concerned about how to manage acid whey. For every 100kg of milk used to make traditional Greek yoghurt, only 33kg ends up in the final product; the remaining two-thirds is acid whey, a by-product which must be dealt with by the processor.

Traditionally, acid whey has been sent off to use in the animal feed and biofuels markets, but handling costs are high and returns are low. Others dispose of the whey in their waste stream, generating zero income and questionable effects on the environment.

Arla Foods Ingredients' Nutrilac protein is derived from milk and used to turn acid whey into a range of dairy products.

Torben Jensen, application manager at Arla Foods Ingredients, said  "Until now it has simply been accepted that acid whey is an inavoidable waste product of Greek yoghurt production – but not any more. With the addition of our Nutrilac protein solution to the acid whey, what was once a waste product is now a raw material that can be used to create a high quality product with added value."

The acid whey concept is also suitable in other applications where acid whey is a by-product, including quark production.


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