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Drakes Supermarkets release Veganz plant-based pizzas in Queensland


Veganz, a vegan range of plant-based pizzas, is now available in Drakes Supermarkets in Queensland – the first supermarket chain in the state to offer these. 

The launch in Queensland follows the successful expansion of Veganz into New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia in March this year. 

With its plant-based pizza, Veganz shows that you don’t have to be vegan to love this pizza: a crispy, thin base, Italian in taste, free of milk and other animal products and also good for the climate. 

With the Eaternity label, the company is setting a new industry standard for sustainability and more transparency in the food industry. Thanks to the sustainability score on the brand’s packaging, the CO2 footprint, water consumption and contribution to the preservation of the rainforest and animal welfare can be calculated. This gives consumers transparency, with the ability to see the real resource consumption of each Veganz pizza. 

In 2020 alone, the sale of over 1.5 million Verdura pizzas saved over 915 tonnes of CO2. In Australia, Veganz pizzas achieve a significantly better carbon footprint than comparable locally produced non-vegan frozen pizzas. 

With an emission value of 876 grams, the Veganz Verdura has significantly better values than a conventional frozen pizza made in Australia with animal products, that has CO2 emissions of approximately 1,250 grams. 

With the demand for plant-based products in Australia booming, Drakes is now ranging a 100 per cent plant-based pizza in the freezer section, to delight fans of a vegan-vegetarian and health-conscious diet. 

“At Drakes we are committed to providing products our customers want,” Drakes Supermarkets Fresh Foods general manager Tim Cartwright said. 

“We have had a lot of requests for vegan and plant-based products in the last 2 years and now these vegan and plant-based items make up one of our fastest growing categories. We believe this is not a fad, but a lifestyle trend that will continue well into the future.” 

“It is great to see how climate-conscious nutrition with plant-based products is gaining a foothold in Australia,” Veganz CMO Moritz Möller said. 

“We are very much looking forward to working with Drakes Supermarkets, who are offering our top-selling vegan pizzas in their frozen pizza range as first Veganz products.” 

To try a delicious alternative to animal products, find Veganz pizzas in over 60 Drakes stores in addition to selected Woolworths, Foodland and IGAs. They are also available in the Vegan Grocery Store in Sydney and Melbourne and online. 

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