Drink to the planet’s health

As of 2008, FIJI Water offers a carbon negative product. The production and sale of each bottle of FIJI Water actually results in a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by 120% of the bottle’s carbon footprint.

This means remaining carbon emissions that cannot be managed out of the product lifecycle will be mitigated through a portfolio of forest carbon (e.g., reforestation) and renewable energy offset projects developed jointly with global conservation organisation, Conservation International.

These verifiable and permanent carbon offsets will exceed total company CO2 emissions by 20%, making it the first bottled water product to truly go beyond carbon neutral to leave a negative carbon footprint.

Every bottle of FIJI Water makes a difference.

– A 500ml bottle of FIJI Water removes 60 grams of CO2eq from the Earth’s atmosphere, which is equivalent to turning off the lights before you leave home for the day;

– A 1L bottle of FIJI Water removes 115 grams of CO2eq from the Earth’s atmosphere, which is equivalent to shutting down a laptop computer overnight.

Across the board globally, in 2008 FIJI Water expects to achieve a net reduction of over 20,000 tonnes of CO2eq in the atmosphere. That will have the same affect as:

– Taking over 3,500 passenger vehicles off the road; or

– Planting over 500,000 trees.

To measure its carbon footprint, FIJI Water calculates its carbon emissions across every stage in the product lifecycle: producing raw materials for packaging, transporting raw materials and equipment to the plant, manufacturing and filling bottles, shipping the product from Fiji to markets worldwide, distributing the product, refrigerating the product in stores, restaurants, and other outlets, and disposing/recycling of the packaging waste.

Consumers will now have access to the above information and more on how FIJI Water is measuring its carbon footprint with product lifecycle emissions data and analysis for each of the company’s products at

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