Duopoly’s market share affects truckies too: TWU

The Transport Workers' Union is arguing that the supermarket duopoly uses its market share to force transport workers to accept unsafe conditions.

According to the AFR, the TWU is pushing for new work rules and pay scales for transport workers in the retail sector and wants to remove incentives which may encourage drivers to speed, overload their trucks and work excessive hours.

Coles has slammed the proposal, saying there's no evidence that such changes would improve safety and referring to it as a "wages grab."

The supermarket giant said the proposals could increase its transport costs by 25 percent a year, which means costs could rise at the checkout too.

"The draft orders and supporting submissions filed by the TWU and [National Union of Workers] fail to provide any substantive evidence or analysis to support the existence of such cogent links between claims and safety outcomes," said Coles.

TWU's proposals form part of a tribunal set up by the federal government last year to promote safety and fairness in road transport. It follows a review by the National Transport Commission of the effects of pay practices, such as payment per load or kilometre.


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