Dutch magnets keep chocolate iron-free

The world’s largest cocoa producer Archer Daniels Midland Company (better known as ADM cocoa) will soon enhance the process lines of its newly built cocoa factory in Pennsylvania with Dutch magnet systems.

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems based in Waalre has devised and manufactured systems which ensure that the entire cocoa processing line is completely free of iron particles. Undesirable iron particles are present both in the harvesting of raw cocoa beans and during the processing of the end product. For this several types of magnet systems are used.

The magnets are employed at the initial selection, where they are used to separate rough iron particles from the raw beans before the cocoa beans are ground into powder. Both in the country of harvest and during packing, nails and other metal objects can find their way amongst the cocoa beans. Moreover, during the grinding of the cocoa beans small iron particles can also find their way into the production flow. These are also removed using a magnet.

Goudsmit has developed special rotating magnets to be used with fatty cocoa powder. They ensure that the product is shaken by the magnet and as a result doesn’t stick to the rods. Then, double walled magnet filters remove very fine iron particles from the liquid chocolate. Not removing the undesirable iron particles would cause considerable damage to the screening machines or breakers and result in expensive down time.

The systems are suitable for iron separation from products which congeal and are transported under pressure. The magnet filters are used in a totally hygienic way and therefore comply with the stringent (HACCP) requirements for the food industry.

For more information contact:

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems

Arthur Jonkman – sales engineer


Archer Daniels Midland Company

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