E. Coli found in 6% of drinks in Taipei

A survey in Taiwan has found strains of E Coli in over 6 per cent of drinks.

OzSoapBox reports that of the 144 items tested by the Department of Health (DOH), “nine samples tested were found to be highly contaminated with E. Coli.”

The sample was made up of 50 samples of ice cubes, 36 drinks, 17 sorbet items, 18 shaved ice items, and 23 kinds of drink flavorings bought from various vendors in Taipei City.

DOH has not named any of the businesses found to have the traces in their products.

Escherichia coli, better known as E. Coli can cause serious food poisoning when ingested and any trace of the bacteria found in items usually leads to product recalls.

Image: Braden Leigh

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