Eagle Boys fly off with new products

As Eagle Boys Express approaches its 10-year anniversary at Brisbane Airport the menu continues to expand with new products successfully taking off.  

 Eagle Boys Express, working with corporate caterer Spotless Group at their Brisbane Airport store Cavu, have developed a tailored menu to include options at the airport catering for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks.
New products have been cooked up specifically for Cavu, including a sub-sandwich range – Chicken Club, Southern Style Chicken, Classic Steak Sandwich, Old Fashioned Meatball and the New York Roast Beef Special; and Cajun chicken tenderloins extending the menu beyond Eagle Boys Express’ pizza.  All menu options are cooked within three minutes (or less).
Brand manager Robin Heslehurst said the Eagle Boys Express model was designed to allow it to adapt and respond to consumer trends.
“The Eagle Boys Express system was opened at Brisbane Domestic Airport in 2006 when the Spotless Group wanted to fill a space left by a juice bar,” he said.
“Fast forward a decade and Spotless Group continues to support new innovations in food service.
“Spotless Group, like Eagle Boys Express is an Australian brand focused on innovation, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership at locations around the country.”
Eagle Boys Express partners with corporate groups and established businesses to offer its products through airports, convenience stores, petrol stations, cinemas and shopping centres.
The system can be incorporated into businesses using existing equipment, with staff and business owners receiving optimum training.

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