Eagle Boys Lands First Halal-accredited Pizza Store

Eagle Boys Pizza has become the first of Australia’s top three pizza chains to have a Halal-accredited store, reflecting the diverse palates and needs of Australian pizza-lovers.

Eagle Boys Bexley received Halal accreditation in July, meaning items on its Halal menu are made using ingredients processed in a way which abides by the religious practices and standards of Islamic law. This Halal menu is offered alongside the traditional Eagle Boys menu.

Eagle Boys Pizza CEO Todd Clayton said while Halal accreditation was currently limited to Eagle Boys Bexley, there could be the option down the line to make other stores compliant depending on their local customers.

“Based on the demand, tastes and preferences of individual local communities, other Eagle Boys stores may receive accreditation to ensure each community’s food requirements are adequately represented on our menu,” he said.

“A number of other quick service restaurants already offer Halal-accredited products nationally, but Eagle Boys Bexley is the first store from the top three pizza chains to have done this.

“It’s simply about recognising the different tastes and preferences of Australian pizza lovers. Just as some choose our Meatlovers pizza over our Gourmet Vegetarian, some of our customers want Halal options.”

To receive accreditation, Eagle Boys Bexley met an eleven-point checklist from the Halal Certification Authority Australia covering store suppliers and procedures.
As part of the move, Eagle Boys Bexley has coloured pizza pans, lids, blades, chopping boards and measuring cups to differentiate them as the equipment required for preparation of Halal-approved products.

Eagle Boys Bexley store owners Mustafa and Farah Rizvi said the store’s accreditation ensured it was well-equipped to cater to all its customers’ food preferences.

“Roughly 70% of our store’s demographic are people who would like to consume meat, but have been prevented because of Halal food laws,” Farah said.

“With Halal accreditation, Eagle Boys Bexley can now provide for the tastebuds of all our loyal customers and offer more variety to a greater demographic of pizza lovers,” she said.

Farah said news of the store’s Halal accreditation was already driving new customers to the store.

 “Our loyal customers are thrilled to have more variety and are spreading the word around the region – we’ve already had new customers from Carss Park and as far as Liverpool visit the store especially for our Halal products,” she said.

Eagle Boys Bexley’s Halal-approved pizzas include its Garlic Prawn, Gourmet Vegetarian, Prawn & Avocado, Seafood Platter, Steak & Brie, Tandoori Chicken, The Scorcher, and Vegetarian Bianco gourmet pizzas.

“Our BBQ Beef and Onion, Cheese Lovers and Margarita Value range toppings, as well our Pepperoni, Super Supremo and Vege Delight Traditional range toppings will also be included in our selection of Halal offerings at the Bexley store,” Farah said.

Eagle Boys Pizza is Australia’s second largest pizza maker and is 100% Australian-owned. It operates more than 340 franchised stores throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT, and the Northern Territory, employing more than 8,000 staff and making more than 17 million pizzas a year.