East 9th Brewing colours its beer packaging blue in support for ending violence against children

East 9th Brewing is colouring its beer packaging blue to support Polished Man’s campaign towards ending violence against children.

The owners of East 9th Brewing, Josh Lefers, Stephen Wools and Benjamin Cairns, will also paint their fingernails blue in a bid to help raise awareness and $50,000 for the Polished Man Campaign from August until the end of October, 2018.

Polished Man is an organisation that seeks to end violence against children globally through supporting those impacted by violence or risk of violence in Australia and around the world.

Being part of the campaign means painting one fingernail blue to represent the one child who dies every five minutes because of violence, according to UNICEF.

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Along with their fingernails, the three owners are colouring more than 100,000 of their Doss Blockos brown-paper bags, blue.

Cairns said the company was excited that the blue bags would be available in bars, clubs, restaurant and retailers across Australia.

“It’s a huge job, but well worth it to help raise awareness of this important issue,” said Cairns.

The Doss Blockos team is also giving away trips to New York City.

Lefers said supporting Polished Man was the completion of a long-term dream the company had to be a business that was commercial as well as having a positive impact on society.

The Polished Man campaign runs during October but the Doss Blockos Polished Man campaign begins two months easier to give venues, outlets and the hospitality community time to participate.


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