Ecowize promotes food safety practices with its colour-coded products

If you are in the food processing industry, there’s no situation where a company wants to run the risk of cross contamination of different food stuffs.

Getting food poisoning from contaminated food can be avoided if the right precautions are implemented.

While consumers can minimise cross contamination in their homes, it is reassuring when they know factories also have quality safety precautions in place.

Simple steps, such as buying colour-coded cleaning equipment, can help a company avoid mishaps that could put them out of pocket when items are recalled, have to be thrown away before they hit the shelves, or they cannot go to partners who need that valuable ingredient to bring their product to the market.

It is also an easy solution for employees who gain from having an uncomplicated cleaning system.

Ecowize makes the cleaning process easier by offering colour-coded cleaning equipment. Red can be used for one room and blue in the next – helping to minimise health and safety risks and the aforementioned cross-contamination.

While this seems like a logical solution, it can be difficult to find good-quality equipment that will last when used daily, or even hourly.

Equipment that lasts

Ecowize business development general manager, David Clarke, said the products had a one-year warranty, but they often lasted longer.

“The benefit of having colour-coded products include minimising cross contamination, which can occur between departments in a food factory, raw and cooked, or between surfaces, food contact and floors,” he said. “Floors are difficult to keep clean as waste products from processing may fall onto the area, and traffic, people and trolleys move through this area.”

Ecowize’s range of colour-coded products include buckets, floor brushes, hand and specialty brushes, squeegees, scrapers, mixing paddles and more.

Colour improves cleaning processes

The strong colours help differentiate equipment easily. With nine colours to choose from, the range not only helps companies use different products for different rooms, it also allows workers to separate colours used for flooring, benchtops and other areas that need to remain clean without the risk of cross contamination.

Vikan is the manufacturer behind the colour-coded products Ecowize sells to businesses across Australia.

Vikan knows the primary purpose of colour coding is to help prevent cross contamination, which can occur as a result of physical factors, chemical, microbes and allergens, among many others.

“The colours help businesses avoid confusion in its cleaning processes,” said Clarke. “They are also made from EU and FDA-approved compliant materials.”

Buying the company’s colour-coded products is easy. All a customer has to do is add their colour preference number to the product code to confirm the product required.


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