Efficiency and fuel savings with the right trailers

Schmitz Cargobull provides trailers that are designed for the F&B industry with its smart trailers winning over stakeholders.

Schmitz Cargobull prides itself on providing trailers that are designed for the food and beverage industry with its smart trailers winning over stakeholders like CG Refrigerated. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

Schmitz Cargobull offers the food and beverage industry a range of smart trailers designed to streamline, simplify, and reduce the costs of transporting food products around the country and the company’s work with the CG Refrigerated is a prime example of this.

The logistics company specialises in the national transport of perishable food items, with depots across multiple cities in Australia. One such company that utilises its trailers is CG Refrigerated, out of Melbourne.

Damien Moore, owner, and founder of CG Refrigerated, said the partnership with Schmitz Cargobull had helped the company build a strong foundation in the market since its inception.

“We started our business about three years ago, I was driving at that point and drove our own truck and planned the loads, chased customers. We slowly started to grow our fleet and Schmitz Cargobull connected with us,” he said.

“We decided to go with Schmitz mainly because of availability and service. They were hungry for the partnership and provided competitive pricing in regard to the market at that point.

“Their detailed knowledge of trailers and fridge motors really helps us out and connected us with other partners.”

Moore said Schmitz’s expertise around cold chain logistics was invaluable in helping grow CG Refrigerated.

“They got in and understood what we did as a business and really helped to provide the right tools for the job,” he said.

“For example, a huge benefit is their double loader bars. We do a lot of depot- to-depot freight now which involves getting the full utilisation of the trailer with things like double stacking. It also allows us to jam pack the trailers.”

Moore said the value provided by the double loader bars could not be understated for his company, and its successful growth.

Loader bars are placed horizontally between the sidewalls of a trailer, or vertically between the floor and ceiling, to prevent damage and keep stock in place.

“Their drop-down double loader bar system is the best in the market in my opinion,” said Moore.

“We do a lot of yoghurt, milk, and meat which requires the double loader bars. It helps with driver efficiency and safety because you aren’t pulling the loader bars out of the belly boxes. It is a great piece of equipment.

“The foundation of our business is built on service which we wouldn’t be able to do without quality equipment, especially because we work with a lot of blue-chip clients.”

Another of the big advantages of using Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated trailers in the fleet was the savings made in fuel efficiency.

Part of the efficiency aspect of using these trailers is the thermal wall’s ability to hold in the cold and limit the output from the motor.

“The market expects equipment that is friendly to the environment and with the thermos efficiency of the fridge panels limits the amount of diesel being used,” said Moore.

“Which is a huge cost saver and has an environmental benefit. A lot of our customers are big on CO2 levels, Net Zero, and things like that. It helps us reduce our carbon footprint.”

Moore also attributed Schmitz Cargobull trailers for helping to gain and retain blue-chip customers around Australia.

“Now they are working on systems where you won’t have to use diesel, the fridge motors will be fully electric and use power from the truck axles,” he said.

Advancements in the capability of both truck engines and trailer motors have also provided added value to the cold chain, in terms of logistics, which has proven invaluable for CG Refrigerated.

“We started with our blue-chip customers running up and down the east coast. When COVID came around we had a huge opportunity and it helped set the foundation of our business.”

Schmitz Cargobull provides a host of services to its clients, beyond providing trailers, which includes a database for potential service partners, and a telematics data service that provides all the necessary information about the vehicles.

The company also provides a data management centre to share telematics data and compliance with data protection regulations. And for those times where you need a new part, Schmitz Cargobull has a spare parts shop that identifies the best spare parts for the required job.

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