Efficiency from the ground up

When a leading beverage manufacturer in Western Sydney experienced drainage and flooring issues, Allied Finishes was called on to provide a solution that ensured better stability for the manufacturer.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” is a statement that Allied Finishes upholds across its business, through its safety and hygienic offerings for the food and beverage industry. Through a strong customer-centric focus, Allied Finishes doesn’t take shortcuts on the road to achieving the best outcomes for its clients.

An ongoing client, a leading beverage manufacturing company, reached out to an Allied Finishes consultant to assist with the Essence Room within its Western Sydney facility in Huntingwood. This room contains large drums storing the essence for the beverages, and as a result, often has chemical spills on the floor, which must be washed down to eliminate slips and falls. This room also has constant forklift traffic, so the flooring had to be designed to withstand the heavy traffic.

Within this particular room, there were ongoing issues with the capacity of the drainage system, as well as concerns around the concrete substrate stability.

The manufacturer was experiencing ongoing issues with drainage in a heavy traffic area of its facility.

On visiting the site, Allied Finishes consultant Joshua Gillies analysed the issue. Upon closer inspection, Joshua also became concerned about the stability of the concrete and arranged for a core test to be carried out to inspect the strength of the concrete, and ensure there were no issues with it. However, despite the concerns, the results came back reporting no issues.

One of the main challenges in this room was insufficient drainage. The outlet size of the plumbing was too small to handle the Essence Room’s needs, as there were a lot of chemical, sugar and water-based liquids frequently passing through.

To address this, Joshua provided a specification on the drainage system to ensure it exceeded its current requirements.

Additionally, the existing flooring in this area of the facility was failing, becoming slippery in many areas, and needed to be upgraded. Falls also needed to be corrected to eliminate pooling of water in various areas in the room. On reviewing the beverage company’s needs, Allied Finishes specified its SteriFloor Stärke solution to be installed with a light to medium non-slip finish, to ensure the area was easy to clean and maintain. SteriFloor Stärke is the ideal flooring solution for many food and beverage manufacturing floors with medium to heavy foot and forklift traffic. It is the hardest wearing food grade flooring solution available for food and beverage manufacturing facilities, with strong antimicrobial properties to ensure high hygiene standards are maintained.

This flooring solution was ideal for this area, as it had to withstand heavy forklift traffic, have good chemical resistance, and stand for years to come.

In one shutdown period, Allied Finishes carried out both the drainage upgrade and flooring upgrade in not only the Essence Room, but other areas in the facility. Allied Finishes project manager, Troy Wolffe, arranged each team to carry out its work in a timely manner, removing the need for the facilities manager to arrange a whole suite of trades. This was hugely beneficial to the client, who was managing multiple projects over the one shutdown period, and relieved him of coordinating trades.

The Allied Finishes client, utilities coordinator Kevin Khoo, was very happy with the finished result of the flooring and drainage, and remarked, “It was great working with Allied Finishes and Troy Wolffe on this project. They did such a great job and were quick, efficient and adaptable to changes in our production environment, not to mention we had a tight timeframe to work on as well.”

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