Eight million kg of live seafood saved from perishing claims FishPac

FishPac, a supplier of equipment for the transport of air freighted live aquatic animals sustained with oxygen has announced that it has shipped 230,000 bins of live seafood.
Based on this estimate, FishPac also claims that it has:
·       Shipped approximately 320 kilograms per bin, equating to almost 74 million kg of live seafood
·       Saved the use of 6 million polystyrene boxes
·       Saved approximately 8 million kilograms of live seafood from perishing in transit

FishPac's average mortality is 1% (versus 12% with polystyrene boxes).

Along with these figures, FishPac has added black lip & green lip abalone, sea perch, barramundi, eel, king crab and a variety of juvenile fish (fingerlings), to previous coral trout shipments.

Regarding live Green lip abalone shipments General Manager Gavin Hodgins,  said: “Keeping such a premium, fragile species alive is a new industry benchmark. This has been achieved with 500kg payloads with zero deaths; a feat that has never been seen before.”

“We have also seen some clients’ shipments reach a staggering 65 hours of transit time with very low oxygen use levels for species like King Crab.  These are the sort of numbers the entire seafood industry has only ever dreamt about in the past.  FishPac is now making these possibilities a reality,” said Hodgins.

With such massive changes in mortalities and productivity in packing and shipping, FishPac said its clients are seeing a 100% return on investment in as little as three months when converting to FishPac’s system.

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