Emerson Connect Tour – Reliability & Operational Certainty

Emerson Automation Solutions is embarking on a series of events across Australia focusing on operational excellence.

Emerson, a global leader in technology solutions, has teamed with Prime Creative Media to deliver a series of roadshows aimed at equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools to help improve their reliability and operational certainty.

Named “Connect”, the cross-industry events will take place in Brisbane (28 August), Melbourne (30 August) and Perth (1 September).

Attendees will enjoy a host of workshops and seminars presented by International speakers from Singapore and the US, alongside local experts.

Connect’s plenary session will be presented led by Robert Garston, Vice President Asia Pacific, Emerson Automation Solutions, while a keynote presentation will be delivered from an industry expert outside of the company.

Sessions running during the event include, ‘Harnessing the Power of Industrial IoT to Achieve Operational Certainty’ and ‘Minimizing Downtime for Maximum, Long-Term Profitability’.

Spaces are limited for this one-day event so book your place now.

Click here to register now.

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