Emma & Tom’s switch to 100 percent recycled plastic bottles

Australian owned smoothie, juice and natural snack bar company Emma & Tom’s has announced that it will be moving to 100 percent recycled plastic (rPET) for its whole fruit smoothie range.

Emma Welsh, co-founder of Emma & Tom’s estimates that the move to rPET could save the production of over one million plastic bottles.

“We started Emma & Tom’s to help Australians look after themselves and looking after the environment is a part of that. We estimate our move to rPET will help save more than a million plastic bottles from being produced each year.”

The move to more sustainable packaging will commence next week and was the result of a partnership with sustainable packaging company, VISY, which invested $40m in a new recycling plant in Smithfield, NSW.

VISY estimates that the new plant will recycle some 34,000 tonnes of quality recycled plastic back into food grade rPET and rHDPE products.

Anthony Pratt, CEO and global chairman of VISY said that it is important for businesses to manage their environmental impact effectively.

“Manufacturing new products from recycled materials requires less energy and water than using raw materials. It makes sense that our focus should be on managing our environmental impact for a better world.” 


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