Emperor Champagne enters exclusive partnership with Champagne Carbon

Emperor Champagne

Champagne Carbon, a luxury champagne brand, has announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Emperor Champagne. 

Melding a passion for motor racing with a winemaking background, Champagne Carbon CEO Alexandre Mea said he has positioned the brand as “rule breakers and innovators, who are reinventing the world of Champagne.” 

“It’s an exciting time for Carbon Champagne as we enter into the Australian market and be able to showcase and share our elegant range with current connoisseurs and new tasters,” Mea said. 

“The Emperor Agency has a platform that can reach an array of audiences while keeping true to what Carbon Champagnes aims to achieve and without compromising the excellence of our offering.” 

After four years of experimentation with raw materials and grapes, the Champagne Carbon team found the perfect balance of flowers, spices and brioche they needed to craft the cuvées. Each cuvée is unique and characterised by the precision of its refined floral notes which embodies the distinctive personality of the brand. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are fermented in small oak barrels, adding complexity and elegance to the range.  

Emperor Champagne
Emperor Champagne founder Kyla Kirkpatrick.

Striving to promote French craftsmanship by producing high-quality artisanal champagne, the brand sets itself apart from the traditional codes with new bottle packaging, made with a carbon fibre wrap. 

Carbon is also placed at the centre of the winemaking process, meaning the fine layer of carbon fibre interacts with the carbon dioxide present in the wine itself. This creates an energy tension and the ageing of the wine is enhanced. 

Every bottle is handmade, which involves a 37-step artisanal production. Every one of these steps is crucial and it takes a week and a staff of 30 people to make one Champagne Carbon bottle. The house remains confidential about its production process and numbers. 

In 2013, the house released its first bottles, with immediate success. Since 2017, Champagne Carbon has been the official champagne partner of Formula 1 and in 2018, the house became the official partner of prestigious automotive brand Bugatti. It also launched a unique cuvée, celebrating the 110th anniversary of Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti. 

Now it is targeting the ever-growing demographic of Australian champagne drinkers via Australian company, Emperor Champagne. Emperor Champagne’s purpose is to connect Australian champagne lovers with French wine, while providing an education on the complex nature of champagne production and the broad varieties of what the region has to offer.  

“We are incredibly proud to be the partner of the Carbon Champagne house in Australia,” Emperor Champagne founder Kyla Kirkpatrick said. 

“What I love most about champagne is the constant innovation that winemakers look to execute, and with Carbon Champagne, they are introducing a new chapter of champagne making that provides a new and interesting tasting experience. 

“With more Australians becoming interested in the genre, houses such as Carbon Champagne reach a new audience with its luxurious details and distinctive personality.” 

The five cuvées currently available on the Emperor Champagne website include: 

  • Champagne Carbon Brut 
  • Champagne Carbon Rosé 
  • Champagne Carbon Blanc de Blancs 
  • Champagne Carbon Brut Magnum 
  • Champagne Carbon Bugatti 2002 Vintage 
  • Champagne Carbon Bugatti 2006 Vintage 

For more information on Champagne Carbon and Emperor Champagne and to make an order, visit 

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