Empower your potential with Gold Peg and the Natec Network

Natec Network

As the local partner of the global Natec Network, Gold Peg is committed to delivering new and innovative cooking technology right to your doorstep at foodpro 2021, stand D1.

In fact, Gold Peg now offers 30+ food manufacturing systems that keep customers at the forefront of food production technology worldwide.

Our new innovations include –

  • Brand new batch cooking options with the ShearTherm and FreeTherm equipment
  • Leading M4E innovation creating dispersions and emulsions with magnet technology
  • Advanced machinery for producing traditional products such as pasta filata/mozzarella, using the unique “Finisher”
  • New processes combining batch and continuous machinery for optimising plant productivity, ingredient usage and end-product quality
  • Our exclusive “benchineering” approach to project delivery.

Natec Network

Also, our foundation innovation, the RotaTherm®, will be on display at our stand in pilot scale form. This system is still leading the world in direct steam continuous cooking and definitely deserves a close-up look!

Natec Network

Gold Peg’s latest creations, the ShearTherm and FreeTherm batch cooking systems offer companies cutting-edge technology to help grow their business. The ShearTherm is purpose-designed with high shear mixing flexibility for the likes of high powder content recipes to achieve homogeneous, fully hydrated, blended and cooked product. The multi-functional, cost-effective FreeTherm is designed to blend, cook and de-aerate a wide range of food products.

“It’s only when you ‘lift the bonnet’ on our new batch cookers that the step-change innovations become evident!” said Simon Donnelly, Gold Peg MD. “We are excited by the performance they can bring to the Australasian food manufacturing market.”

Gold Peg brings customisable cooking solutions to suit your demands for pasteurisation and UHT with production rates from 100kg/h, right up to 10,000+ kg/h.

Australian food manufacturers now have access to the global experience and expertise of the entire Natec Network along with a new, extended batch cooking equipment range through Gold Peg. Together we turn opportunities into results.

Meet us at foodpro 2021, stand D1 to discuss optimising your potential.


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