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Endeavour Group joins the Sustainable Wine Round Table

Australia’s leading drinks and hospitality business Endeavour Group has become the first Australian retailer to join the Sustainable Wine Round Table (SWR).

The SWR is the peak global body representing sustainability solutions for the wine industry.

The global body provides ways that industry leaders can share knowledge to ensure positive environmental outcomes while inspiring sustainability action.

SWR’s research director, Dr Peter Stanbury said the group was delighted and excited to welcome Endeavour Group as a member. 

“As Australia’s leading drinks company, it’s great to have Endeavour Group on board, 

“Endeavour Group has already pioneered some great work on sustainability, and it will be great to work on other issues in the future,” said Stanbury.

Joining the SWR allows Endeavour Group to contribute to programs that will have an impact on fostering sustainability across the international wine spectrum. 

Head of commercial wine at Endeavour Group Leigh Firkin said the membership represents a milestone in designing wine industry practices that will leave a positive imprint. 

“At Endeavour we continuously work with our supplier partners to explore meaningful sustainability initiatives and opportunities that give back to the planet,

“Our ReCork initiative is an example of that. The scheme has collected 470,200 corks since October 2023,” said Firkin.

Firkin said a sustainability movement of not moving forward is the newly unveiled natural cork stopper recycling program.

“After two years in the making, we have been proud to finally unveil Australia’s only large-scale natural cork stopper recycling program in partnership with cork distributor Amorim Australasia and recycling initiative Save Our Soles,” said Firkin.

The scheme has been implemented throughout the east coast of Australia and addresses the challenges faced when recycling natural cork stoppers by repurposing them. 

Endeavour Group has also adopted a proactive approach to thoughtful packaging through the introduction of bagnums and more lightweight bottles. 

“Bagnums are an alternative to glass bottles that require lower amounts of carbon to produce,” said Firkin. 

Bagnums are a great portable option for social occasions and for those seeking moderation, as the wine inside them lasts for 30 days once opened.

Bagnums also lead to less wine going to waste. 

Firkin said the partnership and collaborations with different players in the industry should help better find solutions going forward. 

“At Endeavour Group we see the benefit of working together to create these kinds of solutions; involving industry experts, from viticulturists and winemakers, through to packaging processes and our supply chain to customers,” said Firkin.

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