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Ensure sustainable and safe compressed air with CompAir’s cost-efficient oil-free compressors

In many production processes, the compressed air comes into direct contact with the products, and there can be serious consequences if the air is contaminated with oil or other particles.

Investing in oil-free compressor technology reduces the risk of contamination and can quickly pay for itself, especially when combined with intelligent heat recovery.

Oil-free technologies offer many benefits that can help energy managers realise valuable cost savings while improving operational efficiency and safety.

Life cycle costs are reduced as companies can save on compressed air treatment and oil changes.

Unlike in oil-lubricated systems, there is no need to purchase clean air separation and condensate treatment equipment.

CompAir offers a broad range of 100% oil-free compressors, available in fixed or variable speed, and in air or water-cooled versions. They include:

If your interested in learning more about how CompAir’s oil-free compressor solutions can help you ensure safe and efficient operation, Watch the Video >>

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