Entries closing soon for WorkSafe Victoria Awards

Time’s running out to enter this year’s WorkSafe Victoria Awards with entries closing on 8 May.

Recognising workplace health and safety committees and health and safety representatives, individual workers, employers and companies, the awards are a great way to share experiences and help others solve common problems.

Categories for 2009:

Health and Safety Representative of the Year: This category acknowledges a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) who has made a difference to health and safety within their Designated Work Group (DWG) by demonstrating commitment to representing members of their DWG and bringing occupational health and safety issues to the attention of the employer. It also recognises HSR’s who are able to facilitate positive outcomes and/or demonstrate persistence in difficult environments.

Health and Safety Committee of the Year: This category acknowledges a Health and Safety Committee (HSC) that has demonstrated a high level of commitment to health and safety, represents all interests in the workplace, and is highly consultative.

Best Health and Safety Initiative in a Small Business: Acknowledges the work done by a small business (less than 20 employees) which is aimed at improving occupational health and safety in their workplace. This may address specific solutions to identified risks, an innovative and systematic approach to OHS management; or any other practice that has improved the business’s occupational health and safety performance.

Best Design for Workplace Safety: Acknowledges a design organisation for the innovative design of a building, structure or plant that eliminates or significantly reduces a workplace risk.

Best Strategy for Health and Safety Management: Acknowledges the innovative way organisations manage and improve workplace health and safety. Entries may vary from effective management processes, effective ways of consulting with employees and contractors, risk reduction programs, to the inclusion of occupational health and safety processes into other aspects of an organisation’s activities.

Best Solution for Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders: For an innovation, invention or initiative that eliminates or significantly reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s). This could be a solution such as a single engineering control or a number of risk controls packaged together.

Best Solution to a Health and Safety Risk: For an innovation or invention in workplace health and safety that eliminates or significantly reduces a risk. This could include a specific issue or a group of initiatives such as changes to the work environment, new equipment, an engineering control or design solution or it could be an entirely new work process.

Details of this year’s WorkSafe Victoria awards and registration requirements can be made online. Click on the button below and go to the awards section.

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