Enzyme aids product formation and shelf life

Hydrosol’s supplies a meat-binding system from the MeatZym series, a new development in the field of Stabilising Systems which makes it possible to create innovative convenience meat products conforming to all requirements of safety, quality, stability and economy from meat cuttings or minced meat.

Besides the classic minced-meat variants like rissoles and meat-burgers, dumplings and meat balls, meat slices and kebabs are becoming more and more popular as restructured products.

The MeatZym series is a compound consisting of cold-gelling proteins and hydrocolloids, individual emulsifying and stabilising components and additives with an antimicrobial effect, which assist shaping, gel formation and adhesion and prolong the shelf-life of the products.

How it works

The powdered product is mixed with water and worked into the meat mass.

The mass is then filled into skins or moulds.

Once gel formation is complete, the piece of meat can be cut and prepared for cooking as required. Meat slices can be marinaded or coated with breadcrumbs, for example.

MeatZym fresh is suitable for restructured meat products including steaks and escallops, kebabs, shashlik and canned goulash, and also fish fingers and chicken nuggets.

Tailor-made formulations can also be developed to meet customers’ specific requirements, enabling manufacturers to exploit the market with creative new products.

Hydrosol Produktionsgesellschaft is a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

For further information, contact Anne Bünting.

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