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Equipment manufacturer pioneers solutions in food processing and beyond

Heat and Control is an engineering and manufacturing-focused company that has a large global customer base, which entails it having long-standing relationships with a plethora of large-scale consumer and end-product manufacturers.

The Australian-based, global manufacturing-focused company exports for international operations outside US, Canada and South America proudly from its regional headquarters in Brisbane, where its 6170m2 manufacturing facility and headquarters is located.

With access to one of the largest pool of engineers, trade persons and service teams in the Australian food manufacturing industry, Heat and Control combines expertise with resources to develop machinery solutions for new products and processes with a focus on exacting quality, yield, efficiency, and safety design principles.

From a single piece of equipment through to a complete, fully integrated system with full engineering, design and food technologist input, the scope of its manufacturing facilities allows the company to service a range of customers from small startups, to large multi-nationals across industries and applications.

Heat and Control celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2020, which is not only a testament to its longevity, but also gives it a depth of experience that continues to set high standards within the industry by providing clear benchmarking for improvements in manufacturing capacity and workmanship.

R&D and innovation

Heat and Control regularly invests to improve the quality and performance of its equipment and technology in order to become more responsive to the unique needs of its customers. The scope of their manufacturing is further boosted by use of the latest engineering design practice, software and computer aided manufacturing that its design and engineering teams use to test concepts and turn them into reality.

3D engineering models and drawings are created using Autodesk Inventor software, which are in turn used in the creation of flat patterns, nesting of flat patterns and programming. Ultilising a 3D scanner, the company can also offer customers the ability to see how a piece of equipment will integrate into their existing plant.

Capital investments to expand capabilities

Heat and Control prioritises capital equipment investments that expand capabilities. Most recent additions including a LVD press, NC lathe and Trumpf laser machine. The company uses Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to automate a manufacturing process. The software tells a machine how to make a product by generating toolpaths, which will then make the parts that are required.

Because tubes and pipes are used throughout the company’s many designs (from distributing oil, water, or steam, to structural supports, to headers on heat exchangers), they were drawn to Trumpf, one of the only manufacturers offering fiber lasers with a tube feature.

With the investment of the Trumpf TruLaser 3040 fiber laser with RotoLas, Heat and Control was able to switch between 2D sheet and 3D pipe processing with relative ease, especially when compared to its previous CO2 laser. This reduced switchover time by about 67 per cent, allowing a greater level of flexibility for most manufacturers.

A thick stainless-steel plate can be cut with little interruption and up to four times the rate of the previous CO2 laser. Also, worth noting, is that the fiber laser improves the process by including several automated features, such as auto focusing, auto nozzle changer, and auto lens detect. All these features help increase manufacturing capabilities and operational efficiencies.

Heat and Control continually searches for suppliers who want a partner that will operate at the highest levels while drawing upon more than seven decades of expertise. With Lean Manufacturing in mind, it aims to invest strategically in precise technology while striving constantly for improvement and carrying a legacy of innovation.

With hundreds of applications and complete testing centres here in Australia and around the world to support individual requirements, Heat and Control bring its knowledge, experience, and technology to any project.

Solutions and understanding of challenges faced

As the company works across the spectrum of the food industry, the numerous challenges faced by customers are witnessed. Some are product specific and others are universal amongst processors; profitability, safety, adaptability, legislative, and most recently, the COVID 19 pandemic. With almost 1,600 employees worldwide in more than 30 offices, the company is bringing science, imagination and commitment to Australian customers each and every day.

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