Evolutionary price-weigh label

Hally Labels has launched P3 – an innovative solution for perishable food products requiring a price-weigh label that offers improved product presentation, differentiation and, as a result, higher margins.

P3 enables top, side and base labelling of a tray; providing increased space for branding, images, product information and promotional messages. Different shapes and designs can be used to differentiate products, making consumer choice easier.

Hally Labels New Product Innovation Manager, Nigal Tutty said “P3 is the latest example of Hally working with our customers to provide a tailored solution. Our expertise within the perishable food sector ensures that P3 combines functionality with improved product presentation.”

The launch of P3 culminates an extensive 12 month development period that included successful trials with Coles and Woolworths. P3 is currently being used for value-added pork products, ready-to-eat salads, and premium beef patties. It is the ideal solution for perishable food products such as meat, poultry, seafood, produce, dairy and bakery.

P3 can be applied manually or automatically. For automatic application Hally have partnered with Inspection Systems, who offer Gemini Flexi-Wrap equipment. Flexi-Wrap is a high speed weigh label system designed to apply both fixed and catch weight labels as C-fold or complete wrap of the consumer pack.

According to Rob Weir, Director at Inspection Systems, “As a leader in price-weigh labelling equipment, Flexi-Wrap equipment is an exciting addition to our product range. Flexi-Wrap offers our customers efficient automatic application of P3 labels, through simple integration into existing production lines and increased productivity.”

Hally Labels is a family owned Australasian business with over 40 years experience within the labelling industry. Hally has a reputation for product leadership within the food and beverage industry, and has been recognized internationally for award winning print quality. P3 is the latest example of Hally’s dedication to innovation.

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