Ex-directors and managers of Kellogg’s, Tesco appointed to Woollies board

Woolworths has announced the appointment of three new non-executive directors today.

Christine Cross, David Mackay and Michael Ullmer have been appointed the new roles by Chairman of Woolworths Limited, James Strong.

Cross has previously worked with Tesco, and was responsible for the development of the company’s Own Brand development, establishing global sourcing function and business development.

Woolworths announced plans last year to double the number of its private label products, despite experts warning the move will ruin competition in the marketplace and put 130 000 employees in the food and grocery sector alone out of work by 2013.

The dominance of the big two supermarkets, Coles and Woollies, has been slammed by Australian companies and industries including Heinz, the dairy industry and the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC).

The AFGC wants a Supermarket Ombudsman appointed to oversee the behavior of the supermarkets, which have been accused of deliberately copying well-known packaging to confuse consumers, bullying smaller companies into selling products prices lower than they can afford, and dominating prime shelf space with its own products.

Cross has a background in food science and is currently the Chief Retail and Consumer Advisor for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

Ullmer comes from the banking and accounting sectors, and retired as Deputy Group Chief Executive at the National Australia Bank (NAB) in August last year.

He currently holds the Director title at Lend Lease and was previously a board member of Foster’s Group.

Mackay retired as president, chief executive and Director of the Kellogg Company at the end of 2010, and has also worked as Managing Director of Sara Lea Bakery in Australia.

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