Exciting kiwifruit season ahead

The kiwifruit export season is shaping to be one of the best ever, according to the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, Zespri International.

The exporter is predicting returns to growers will be up 20% this year as sales increase.

Acting chief executive Lain Jager said 100 million trays of fruit would probably be exported from New Zealand for the first time. “If this is achieved and delivers higher in-market returns it will truly be an outstanding result,” he told growers in Zespri’s latest newsletter.

Payments to growers are forecast to rise to NZ$781.9 million (AU$636.9 million), compared with NZ$651.3 million (AU$530.5 million) last year. Green fruit growers have been told to expect NZ$6.91 (AU$5.62) a tray, organic growers NZ$9.15 (AU$7.45) and gold growers NZ$9.54 (AU$7.77).

The 20% jump in sales so far was due to an early start to the season, which enabled Zespri to capture shelf space from its competitors in Asia. This carried over to the European market. Marketing and promotion is now in full swing to maintain this momentum.

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