Exciting new technology for classic food products

classic food products

As a pivotal partner of the Natec Network, Gold Peg manufactures innovative equipment for producing classic food products such as processed cheese, mozzarella, mayonnaise, mashed potato, baby food, and all types of sauces.

These everyday staple food products can all be produced with optimal results using Gold Peg machinery. The equipment choice depends on the ingredients, the end product and the production rate.

Matching your food to our equipment

Perfect for the FreeTherm batch or RotaTherm continuous cooker are sauces, processed cheeses, mozzarella varieties, pet food and baby food.

The ShearTherm batch cooker is ideal for mayonnaise, cream cheese, processed cheese with a high powder content, mashed potato and plant-based/vegan products.

The RotaTherm continuous cooker also processes these products but at higher rates. This system can process to UHT temperatures in a single step, with complete control over processing conditions.

The above production equipment can be utilised alone or in combination; it depends on the desired outcome including shelf life…

The GPiCS cooker stretcher processes mozzarella made from fresh curd, purpose-designed to transform this sensitive ingredient into a delicious end product.

Every Gold Peg cooking system delivers consistently superior results that are guaranteed to impress.

classic food products

Why choose Gold Peg?

Our equipment offers the ability for:

  • short processing time – delivering better flavour, freshness and natural colour
  • extended stable shelf life – for consistent heat treatment up to UHT
  • viscosity, texture and quality management – reduces product rejection and builds customer preference

When developing a concept, like all of the Natec Network, Gold Peg begins with the end product and considers the customer’s style of operation and stage of business. We work together with the customer to provide the ideal solution.

In fact this is the Natec Network Benchineering approach that goes above and beyond to deliver a benchmark breaking level of customer satisfaction from concept to end product and beyond.

classic food products

Case studies snapshot

Some examples of Gold Peg’s innovative cooking equipment solutions for classic and new food product production:

Location: Asia

Case #1: Shelf-stable processed cheese product for a low rate filler

Solution: The process to meet this demand begins with the ingredients being prepared and pre-heated in a ShearTherm batch cooker with high control over the mixing shear levels, followed by UHT processing with a RotaTherm® continuous cooker.

Location: Europe

Case #2: Flexibility to produce processed cheese and mozzarella from one system.

Solution: A RotaTherm® continuous cooker with a new finisher added to create long mozzarella fibres.

(Alternate solution for lower production rates: a FreeTherm batch cooker for batch sizes from 10 kg to 500 kg.)

Location: Russia

Case #3: Vegan processed cheese product

Solution: A ShearTherm batch cooker is the ideal solution as it has the functionality to address the ingredient type, the end product needs and the production requirement of the plant’s operations

Location: Oceania

Case #4: Pet food dog rolls at high rates 12,000+ kg/h

Solution: A RotaTherm continuous cooker delivers high rates with a very low processing time while maintaining particulates shape for an appealing end product appearance.

Location: Americas

Case #5: Mozzarella at high rates 12,000+ kg/h

Solution: A GPiCS continuous cooker stretcher produces high-quality, consistent products with the required stretch and melt properties.

As demonstrated above, Gold Peg continues to prove their capability in delivering innovative processing systems to match all capacities and end product needs of food manufacturing companies worldwide.

classic food products

Technology fit for the global stage

As a pivotal partner of the Natec Network, Gold Peg provides diverse, innovative cooking solutions to food manufacturing companies worldwide.

With a complete suite of cooking equipment available for various food products, we bring over 30 customisable solutions to suit your demands for pasteurisation, UHT, high shear, batch and continuous cooking. Capacities start from 2 kg/h right up to 10,000+ kg/h.

Gold Peg manufactures more than ten unique batch cookers with a range of core function options, each resulting in highly effective processing for batch sizes of 2 kg to 600 kg. The highest process function control ensures exceptional finished product quality.

“It’s only when you ‘lift the bonnet’ on our new batch cookers do the step-change innovations become evident,” said Simon Donnelly, Gold Peg managing director. “We are excited by the performance they can bring to the Australasian food manufacturing market.”

Your business will be at the forefront of food technology with Gold Peg’s pioneering Australian-made, German quality equipment.

Contact Natec Network now to discuss your project needs.


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