“Exotic meats” could appear on supermarket shelves by 2013

The food safety regulator is considering a proposed amendment to the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code, which could see “exotic meats” sold in Australian supermarkets within a year.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is consulting on the proposed changes, which would include allowing meats such as bison, buffalo, rabbit, ostrich and emu and crocodile to be sold in Australia.

Producers and processors of minor meat species and wild game say current commercial regulations, which allow the meat to be eaten in Australia but not sold here, makes their businesses unviable.

FSANZ is considering the proposal to incorporate the processing controls that currently exist for other meats like beef, lamb and chicken across all meats, which would allow meat producers and processors to operate under a single, national set of requirements for all meat products, including exotic meats.

FSANZ will conduct two public consultation before May this year, before notifying the Ministerial Council of its findings by late April 2013.

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