Extended range of Ingersoll Rand ‘RM’ Series Compressors at CAPS Australia

Australian manufacturers know that maintaining a high-quality supply of compressed air throughout a huge number of processes across the plant is vital and is as critical as any utility. 

Not only does the air need to be of the required quality, but the systems that provide it need to be reliable for their entire lifetime.

Energy efficiency is also a crucial factor to consider due to the demanding usage requirements in the manufacturing environment, particularly as energy prices soar across the country.

With over 43 years of providing proven compressed air solutions to this segment, CAPS understands these challenges well. CAPS is a privately owned and proud Australian company intent on remaining at the forefront of compressed air, gas, and power generation solutions. 

It serves a variety of industries both nationally and internationally, including manufacturing, mining, food and beverage, wastewater treatment, construction, oil, gas, and much more.

With over four decades of experience under their belt, CAPS delivers innovative turnkey solutions offering the widest range of industrial air compressors and power generation solutions in Australia, including centrifugal blowers, compressed air dryers, pressure vessels, industrial generators, and renewables.

Ingersoll Rand RM Series 

Ingersoll Rand’s ‘M’ series of compressors was introduced by the company in the 1990s, evolving over the years to rival the RS series as a premium Ingersoll Rand product at a more cost-effective price. CAPS has extended its stocked range of the RM series to include variants from 18 to 220kW at a range of 7 to 14 bar to best serve the needs of Australian manufacturers at any scale of production.

With their more compact design, RM series machines take up less real estate and are easily worked on. Standard features on the new RM series include a single stage air-end, a TEFC IP55 IE3 electric motor, as well as an IP54 enclosed starter cabinet.  

These units also boast horizontal-top arrangement of the oil and air coolers allowing the compressor to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 46 degrees Celsius, and alarm and trip protection to avoid unexpected failure.

The RM series use the same air-end found in the premium RS series, renowned for its efficiency. The RM Series has also inherited the V-Shield technology taken from the RS series, using hoses with O-ring face seals with the complete drive train being mounted on vibration mountings.

The new bearing system on the air-end improves service life and reduces friction loss. 

Overall, the air-end has nine bearings in total: four roller bearings to assist in the rotational process, three angular contact bearings to control the thrust load, and two deep groove ball bearings to assist with the reaction thrust. 

Additionally, the air-end has an O-ring plane seal to eliminate any coolant spillage going into the motor. Compared with the models the RM series replaces, it offers an improved flow rate of approximately 9 per cent and a specific power improvement of up to 15 per cent.

Controlling the compressor is simple and powerful thanks to the Luminance Series Intelligent Controller. It features a full colour touch screen delivering real-time system parameters, real time clock start and stop scheduling, and built-in graphic treading – a feature which was previously only available on the Xe145 controller on the RS premium series.  

It also has an on board web page function allowing operators to monitor and control their compressor remotely via a common web browser as well as motor temperature monitoring function.

Full details of the RM series range of compressors are available on the CAPS website at www.caps.com.au

The CAPS commitment 

CAPS Australia specialises in end-to-end solutions. Their in-house engineering allows the company to design, supply, and install bespoke, purpose-built systems to clients with specialised applications, and state-of-the-art factory acceptance test bays assure quality and compliance.

As an independent company with the flexibility to search globally for the best products that are price competitive, technologically advanced, and best serve Australian manufacturers, CAPS works alongside world-renowned partner brands such as Ingersoll Rand to deliver peace of mind and ensure production continuity.

With ten branches nationwide and 24/7 service for maintenance and emergency breakdowns, CAPS makes it easy to get expert advice when you need it, leading the industry in service
and solutions.

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