Fact MR reports an increase in global demand for Citrus Fibre

According to Fact MR, a global marketing insight company, the demand for citrus fibre is a forecasted to increase globally over the next decade based on their ESOMAR-certified findings in the Citrus Fibre market.

The report found that the global citrus giber market is predicted to increase close to 5 per cent CAGR over the period between 2021-2031.

This increase in popularity is due to its nutritional benefits as well as the fibre’s gelling, thickening, water-binding and stabilising properties. This comes in line with the rise in heathy conscious consumers opting for low-fat food and beverages with higher natural and nutritional value.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), consumers meal consumption behaviour is also rapidly changing. Pre-packaged and convenient meals are becoming a preference amount consumers with citrus fibre playing a crucial component in these meals.

“Rise in requirement for natural sources of vitamin C is significantly aiding in the growth of stakeholders in the citrus fibre industry,” says a research analyst from Fact MR. “Additionally, growing application of citrus fibres as a water binder and fat replacer in diverse end-use industries is further catering to market expansion.”

Fact MR’s report found that citrus fibre from oranges were the highest in demand with the food and beverage industry increasing the most in requirement for citrus fibre demand.

Worldwide, Germany maintains the largest citrus fibre market while the United States continues to have a hold over the north American citrus fibre market. The Asian pacific region exhibits the most growth from 2021 to 2031, with countries such as Japan, china and Canada maintaining positive market outlooks throughout this time period.

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