Fans help workers keep their heads

An active cooling system for hard hats, Workflow, due for release at Safety In Action, will combat heat stress suffered by Australian workers.

Heat stress in Australia is a significant problem that can have serious medical consequences and detrimental effects on productivity.

Research recognises that the effective thermoregulation of the body achieved by evaporation is significantly hindered by the use of hard hats which restrict air circulation and increase the thermal load on the body.

According to the Harvard Medical School, around 30% of a person’s body heat is attributed to the head, meaning that hard hats are a significant contributor to heat stress.

WorkFlow is a Lithium-powered fan that channels air into the cavity space of a hard hat.

A computer chip embedded in the device, controls a time-released blast of air to cool the air trapped in the helmet, which allows the body to cool itself naturally through evaporative cooling.

Lightweight and very manageable, WorkFlow has been used abroad in industries and regions most susceptible to heat stress.

WorkFlow has proven to lessen the risks associated with heat stress (the major cause for employees becoming uncomfortable and making poor decisions, reducing their productivity and compromising their safety), now recognised as a significant workers’ compensation issue.

Wrights Hardware is the exclusive agent for WorkFlow in Australia and New Zealand, which will be launched at Safety In Action in Melbourne from April 29th to May 1st at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Safety in Action

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