Fanta playing around with new flavours

Soft drink brand Fanta has launched a new campaign centring on creating more play.

Titled Fanta Flavour Lab, the campaign is calling on Aussies to ‘Mix, Name and Share’ their own Fanta flavour combinations.

An animated TV ad goes to air on Sunday introducing their new grape, mango passionfruit and a limited edition sour watermelon flavours.

The campaign’s focus is on a Fanta Flavour Lab app where Aussies are asked to play different mixing games, earn Fanta tokens and compete for prizes, including white Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s with Fanta branded cases.

“The Fanta Flavour Lab campaign is all about celebrating self-expression by inspiring Aussies to test out and mix Fanta flavours together and find their favourite mixes,” Fanta marketing manager Delia Maloney said.

“With the arrival of three fantastic new flavours last month of grape, mango passionfruit and sour watermelon, Aussies now have eight delicious Fanta flavours to mix, name and share.”

The campaign rolls out across out-of-home, digital, social media, cinema and experiential sampling activations in shopping centres.

Fanta flavour lab carts will tour the country along with interactive digital games from the Fanta app.

The app is available on Fanta Australia’s Facebook page and on smart phones through the Apple app and. Google Play stores

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