Farm animal welfare push for NZ consumers

New Zealand consumers concerned for the welfare of animals involved in the production of their food are encouraged to pledge to ‘go SPCA Blue Tick’ to show their support for high animal welfare.

SPCA Blue Tick high animal welfare standards go beyond, often meaningless marketing terms such as ‘free range’ or ‘free to roam’ which is not regulated and just a style of farming with no assurance of high animal welfare.

The SPCA Blue Tick standards are a set of guidelines based on scientific evidence, best practice farming methods and international benchmarking. Compiled and administered by the SPCA, it offers consumers high animal welfare assurance on eggs, chicken, pork and turkey products, as SPCA Blue Tick is the only animal welfare accreditation in New Zealand independent from food and farming industries.

SPCA Blue Tick approved farms are independently audited by third party auditors, trained by the SPCA to the stringent standards set out by Dr Arnja Dale, SPCA Chief Scientific Officer with the input of other animal welfare experts after consultation with farmers.

According to Ségolène de Fontenay, Business Unit Manager of the SPCA Blue Tick, the pledge is designed to spread the word about the availability of a better standard for animal welfare.

“Consumers today are also taking a greater interest in the quality and the provenance of the food they eat – and they are sharing their mindful choices through social media in addition to the traditional ‘word of mouth’. With this pledge, we’re encouraging consumers to engage with their online networks to better understand what SPCA Blue Tick is about.”

Each week one of the three brand new educative videos will be released that explains the purpose and mission of the SPCA Blue Tick and watching these is recommended before taking the SPCA Blue Tick pledge.

Sharing is encouraged, with each pledge given discount vouchers for SPCA Blue Tick products ‘as a token of appreciation for the commitment’ and a chance to win a dining experience hosted by renowned chef and SPCA Blue Tick goodwill ambassador Ray McVinnie.

The more people that get behind high animal welfare standards of the SPCA Blue Tick, the greater impact our charity has to changing societal perceptions and treatment of animals, said de Fontenay.


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