Farmer-led traceability platform to eliminate food fraud

Food fraud is having a devastating impact on Australian farmers, costing up to $2 billion each year. An independent report conducted by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) recognised product integrity as a major purchase driver for consumers and cited the need to enhance product integrity systems of the Australian red meat industry.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the economy and intensified the need for traceability and provenance of Australian red meat products sold in Australia and in new export markets.
Aglive, an Australian-based product traceability platform, is working alongside the MLA, Australian farmers, producers and agricultural industry bodies to provide food provenance to Australian produce and brands.
“If there is one positive to come out of this pandemic, it’s a vital recognition that our supply chain systems are outdated. Australians deserve the right to purchase high-quality, premium products and know that’s exactly what they’re getting. Farmers deserve to know that their premium products are not compromised along their journey. This is where Aglive steps in,” said Paul Ryan, managing director of Aglive.
Aglive’s platform was developed in collaboration with the MLA and has received support from leaders in the agricultural sector, including the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Macquarie University, AusTrade, ShineWing and the National Party.
The technology delivers solutions to supply-chain disruptions while protecting job security, as well as bringing vital income opportunities into the Australian economy.
Fourth-generation Australian Black Angus Beef farmer, Robert Mackenzie, has used Aglive’s traceability platform to successfully open new export channels to China, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Palestine.
“There is huge demand for premium Australian products in international markets but fraudulent and mislabelled products are threatening Australia’s reputation for high quality produce,” said Robert Mackenzie, of Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef.
“Fraudulent parties mislabelling products as a premium Australian product is a crime, and a major national concern. Supply chain provenance and transparency will bring more revenue back into Australian businesses and generate new job opportunities. We are in full support of this vital initiative,” said the Hon. Dr. David Gillespie, Federal Member for Lyne.
Consumers are demanding more traceability and information on food provenance which is harming brand owners and the industry. The report points to Aglive’s traceability platform as a necessary solution.
“Aglive’s technology gives Australian farmers, producers and processors confidence in the global supply chain. The Department of Primary Industries are committed to innovation for the agricultural industry, especially those that protect and promote the providence of NSW Food and fibre. We are excited to be involved in this supply chain innovation developed by Aglive,” said Chris Celovic, national liaison manager, NSW Department of Primary Industries.
Aglive’s traceability platform can be applied to many packaged products to ensure traceability and provenance from their source right through to the end consumer.
As the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian farmers and brands must be able to guarantee the quality of their produce, to grow the industry and keep Australian manufacturing jobs.

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